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Boogie Books is a small press publisher with BIG purpose – helping children understand their world – one beautiful book at a time. The business was established in 2003 in a bid to encourage others to see their words in print.
In the ten years since 2005, Boogie Books has also supported the Child Writes program – cajoling and guiding children through the entire process of creating their own book, ensuring children writing for children supporting children. With over 350 titles, Boogie Books is the largest publisher in the world of children’s books by children on Amazon! Now it is time to really pick things up a notch or two as Boogie Books continues to not only support the program, it is also championing the Child Writes Foundation.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Emma Mactaggart for nine years. Middle Ridge State School and our school community has has greatly benefited from Emma's leadership and passion first as a Literacy Ambassador and then for the following eight years as educator when she implemented the Child Writes program with students from Years 4 to 7. During those years, Emma willingly volunteered over 1000 hours of time (just at our school alone), skillfully leading students through the writing and the illustration process, empowering them not only with the gift of writing a children's book but also giving each student the belief in themselves. Emma's enthusiasm, belief and commitment to achieving her goals, are qualities of an inspirational leader. Emma Mactaggart is a selfless and extraordinary women who has led by example. She has positively influenced the lives of 200 plus students who attended Middle Ridge State School and encouraged them to write, illustrate and publish a children's book. Emma has been and always will be, our Literary Champion!
Jill Temple, A/Head of Curriculum; Middle Ridge State School

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See our great and wonderful books

Boogie Books prides itself on being a small press publisher with a BIG purpose
helping children understand their world
one beautiful book at a time!

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Learn more about publishing

The joy of publishing, of seeing your words in print, is something we honestly believe should be available to everyone. Yes, we concede, not every book is a best-seller, but who is to say your target audience won’t love it.

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Learn more about Child Writes

Guiding children through the process of creating their own picture books has given rise to many, many magical moments – and an incredible list of books, as children write for children supporting children.

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More info about Emma Mactaggart

Speaker, writer, illustrator, publisher – at the same time happily conceiving ways of encouraging children to read and write, ensuring their voices are heard.

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You don’t have to be an adult to become a published author!

Find out about participating in the Child Writes program.

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You can be paid to do what
you love!

Find out about becoming a tutor of the Child Writes program.

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You can make a difference to the children in your school!

Find out about incorporating the Child Writes program into your school curriculum.

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