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We DO judge a book by it's cover!

Super exciting to let you know that one of the Child Writes authors was approached (via me) to be commissioned to do a book cover for a self published adult writer!  I wasn't surprised in the least, especially given the calibre of the Child Writes students work.*  It made me think about the importance of covers, and I certainly know I DO judge a book by it's cover.

 The following A to Z considerations for cover design came from general discussions as well as Carmel Rowley's presentation at my local writers group meeting!

  • a/ Good cover – we are all attracted to them!
  • b/ Potentially more display time if good cover.
  • c/ Book covers as ‘art’
  • d/ Two seconds is the time required to judge ‘desirable’
  • e/ Look for unique, blind to ‘same’
  • f/ Attention span getting short – texting, Facebook, shallow reading.
  • g/ Design fundamentals and rules of advertising relevant to book… emotional triggers, create desire to buy, capture attention.  Keep in mind ‘less is more’…
  • h/ Know your audience.
  • i/ Once well-known, may be less need to ‘sell’ the story.
  • j/ Tails Carried High – knew needed riveting picture of a horse because needed horse lovers to pick up the book…
  • k/ Font is relevant.
  • l/ Cover copy has to be active without discussing the plot.
  • m/ Understand psychology of colour.
  • n/ Emotions evoked influence purchase decision.
  • o/ Keywords lend validity and cement the opinion the author is ‘right’
  • p/ Research, research, research your audience.  Use tools like Google Keyword Planner / Google Adwords.
  • q/ Cover as art work so understand how the eye evaluates an image.
  • r/ Copycat or knockoff – emulating design of successful images.
  • s/ Psychology of portions of person, backs, half heads etc is relevant and considered.
  • t/ Decide what own dreams and goals are…
  • u/ Design for thumbnails for Amazon – simple and clear as possible.
  • v/ Use all the resources at your disposal, for example, an orange cover to make it stand out…
  • w/ Understand trends in colour and genre.
  • x/ Brand yourself.
  • y/ Test book cover - App called 'Thumb’ – upload a picture to different categories – thumbs up / thumbs down…
  • z/ And if you are happy with it – then it is great!



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