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Thank you Jodie Rigby

Dear Jodie

On behalf of the rest of the Child Writes team and the 2014 authors from three schools, Sacred Heart Primary School, St Anthony's Primary School and Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School. 

You have spent two terms with us, working through the entire process of creating our own children's picture book.  We learnt lots of tools for creating ideas.  We worked through the process of writing, from feeling the release of 'free write' through the editing and proofreading stages.  We then used professional illustration tools - the story board and then the dummy rough to plan our drawings.  Planning and preparation and deadlines - all things we practice all the time!  

We are all busting to now see the digital proofs as they are created, but even more, we can't wait to celebrate at our book launch.

Thank you for everything Jodie.  You are patient and kind.  You use all your experience as a teacher and an artist to gently guide us through the entire process of creating our own book.

Thank you again.


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