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When I read Steven Piersanti article The 10 Awful Truths about Book Publishing I was exhilarated with the insight that ‘the book publishing world is in a never-ending state of turmoil’. In my mind, this gives rise to potential for anyone to enter the market, simply because the traditional rule-book has been thrown out, and there is scope for authors to explore the market and make decisions that work FOR them rather than FOR the market. 


The antidote to dealing with turmoil is the willingness to be flexible.  


As I ponder this at the moment, I can’t help but look back over the last 10 years, as I prepare to plan for version 4 for my website and for this new content delivery as I write for you specifically.  


I remember going to the Byron Bay Writers Festival about 10 years ago, and one of the panellists in one session (I honestly can’t remember who it was!) asked the audience who, if anyone, had an e-reader. It was only a handful of people who responded, myself included, and this was met with a ‘see, ebooks won’t work’ retort. Wind forward and oh how wrong that person was as ebooks are part of our reading culture now. Ebooks were invented in 1971 by Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg Founder, so it was not as though the conversation was revolving around a new product, but rather, a newly embraced technology! 


Technology is generating this turmoil, yet as the usability of technology is democratised and it becomes more and more accessible, we have an opportunity to look at changing how we deliver content, which all ironically reduces the impact of the turmoil.  Examples of this include understanding that knowledge of coding is no longer necessary to build websites; social media exists in a ‘drag n drop’ state; we can connect directly with a relevant audience simply by choosing key #hashtags; and writers can create books with their audience participating or share chapters as they come ‘hot of the press’.  


From our little perspective here, working with a content strategist and working out ways to share all we have learnt over the last 20 years is driving us. The platforms from which we can share our knowledge with you are changing and we are excited! 

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