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Kids Connect 2013 - Workshops

September 11th and 12th 
Cobb & Co Museum

Create a character, choose a setting, write a book!

Part One:  Create a character.  We will look at construction activities like doodle drawing and Frankenstein (building a person with body parts!) and then create a problem for the character to solve.  

Part Two:  The setting for the story will be determined by the children, with them choosing a period in history as displayed in an exhibit in the Cobb & Co Museum. 

Part Three:  Write!  Brainstorm for a solution for our character and then write.  Using Microsoft Word and track changes, we will then go into hyper-drive and produce a story by the mid afternoon!

Then, using storyboards as our planning tool, we will determine the photo shoot for the following day. Hunt and gather at the end of the first day for character props for the digital photograph session on day two. 

Part Four:  Photo shoot – using digital cameras, capture images to use as illustrations for our book.  Editing and proof reading – is our story ready!

Goal: To create a PDF eBook using digital photography and ADOBE InDesign in one and a half days.    

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