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It’s a great book I loved reading it - Fyn Aerden and the Dragon

Remember I was talking about writers' web last month? Here is another review...


Fyn hates his two cousins, Dylena and Derik.  They are possibly the most annoying cousins ever. When their Grandmother  desperately needs help, the three cannot refuse. They have to collect blood from a dragon. But not just any dragon. The Weren. The Weren is the deadliest monster around. Will they take the blood? Will Fyn be driven mad by his cousins? Will they all live?

Although for independent readers aged 10 to 12, the writers' web reviewers thought this would dragon filled adventure make a great family book for children of all ages as the central theme is parental belief in their child. Here's what they have to say:

"Fyn Aerden & the Dragon was a book about three cousins who despised each other but when  their grandfather is sick they have to work together to get blood from a Weren (the deadliest dragon) which is the only cure for the skin disease. It was a great adventurous book which would be best suited for 9 – 10 year olds. The terrians in the book were interesting because of the different challenges that appeared." Britney Calkwell

"This is a delightful story written by Cooper Young. The fictional story revolves around a young teenage boy, Fyn who has to team up with his two cousins to help their grandmother. They are required to complete a variety of challenges in order to secure the blood of the Weren Dragon (the scariest dragon of all). This will provide a cure for an illness which their grandfather is suffering – without it, he will die. But they too may not survive the quest to obtain the life saving blood. The themes of family, adventure, positive thinking and camaraderie are all presented by Cooper.

Although a fictional story, the concept of parental belief and confidence in his child is strong and provides the reader with an underlying confidence that the cousins will be OK. Cooper’s writing demonstrates beautiful youthfulness coupled with descriptive passages to engage the reader.

This book would be a great book for a family as it could be read to young children (5-10) and suitable for 7-12 years olds to read independently. Also good for demonstration to other young budding authors." Chloe Hickson

"This story was highly enjoyable. Features of this story were excellent. The vocabulary was terrific and the illustrations were as well. The plot structure was simple but detailed. The characteristics of the people in the story were detailed and outlined."Caitlin Shore

"It’s a story about a boy named Fyn on a journey with his two annoying cousins Derik and  Dylena. They try to get dragon blood but not just any dragon blood but a Weren dragon blood for his ill grandfather. The characters are Fyn, Derik, Dylena, and (Lucinda) the pet ferret. It’s a great book I loved reading it. I recommend it for ages 11-14." Angus Scott

"Fyn Aerden and the Dragon is a lovely book for young readers. It is very cute with great bright pictures." Abbey English

Cooper-YoungAuthor, Cooper Young wrote Fyn Aerdon and the Dragon when he was 13 and wants to be a best-selling and prolific author.

All his life he has been interested in books. "When I was a toddler my Mother would buy me books and all I’d do is sit on the lounge chair and read," he says.

Then Cooper became interested in writing books. "I’ve written so many I can’t even tell you what their names are, although, I’ve never actually finished one. I’d tell myself that I’d finish… but I never do. I just get interrupted with other new ideas. This is the only book I’ve had published.  When I grow up, I want to be a bestselling author. I want to sell book after book (if I can finish them). I hope that one day you’ll find my face on the back of many of the books at book-stores.  I am very excited for you to read my brand new book, and I hope that you’ll like the general story."

Fyn Aerdon and the Dragon is in the bookstore now as a PDF eBook for $4.95 and a hardcopy for $24.95.

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