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Huge support for Finnley!

In the January holidays (2014) I worked with a group of 13 children, guiding them to create a children's picture book.  We had a specific brief and we had a a very tight timeline - just three days! The Condamine Alliance 'works with our community to repair and conserve our environment in the Condamine catchment. Our aim is to protect people, water, land and wildlife for future generations.'

Tilapia is a pest fish threatening the health of our waterways.  It was the goal of the Condamine Alliance to create a children’s picture book, an innovative and creative solution, to communicate with people about this potential problem.  'Finnley's Great Escape' is the result.

Your support is deeply appreciated!  If you wish to have your own copy of this marvellous book - a 'must have' for any enviro warrior - please go directly to Condamine Alliance.

Thank you to Queensland Country Life, Toowomba Life and the Warwick Daily Newspaper for your coverage of the book launch.  You certainly made 13 children (and their families) very happy indeed!

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