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Hazel and the Strange Case of the Stable reviewed

Hazel-and-the-Strange-Case-of-the-StableHazel and her husband, Peter are going on a normal honeymoon but when Hazel’s horse, Brandy, disappears it turns out not so normal after all!

The book reviewers for this and all other writers' web children's books are children, rather than adults.

So, what did our confident readers aged 7-9 think about this mystery?

"Hazel and the Strange Case of the Stablis a book about a lady named Hazel who goes to the races while she is on her honeymoon with her husband Peter. While they are there Hazel is sure she sees her horse Brandy in a race and so with a little help from Peter and the police, she sets about solving the strange case of the stable.

I would recommend this book for children aged of 7-9 as the theme isn’t really suitable for young children and they might get confused and not understand the story. Readers will enjoy the bright and colourful illustrations used throughout the book. I found the book suspenseful and didn’t want to stop reading until the case had been solved." Lydia Kath.

"There was a good twist. Very colorful illustrations. The name of the pub was very creative. It is a great book for horse lovers and children." Abbey English.

"The characters are Hazel, Peter, Hazel’s dad, Gary and Derrick. The illustrations match the story line perfectly. It's easy for 7-8 year old to read." Angus Scott.

"I liked this book because it has a mystery to it. This book is about the mystery of how brandy is stolen by Peter’s
secret identical twin." Caitlin Shore.Rachel-Sands

Author, Rachel Sands (right), wrote Hazel and the Strange Case of the Stable when she was eight.  She was inspired by a painting in her house of some people at the races.

Hazel and the Strange Case of the Stable is available in the bookstore now as PDF eBook for $4.95 or hardcopy book for $24.95 (plus postage).

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