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Finding a 'story' idea

Finding things you really want to write about is easy... All you need to do is to look for something that when you actually stare at it, makes your heart sing.

You know that feeling?  When you look at an object, and you think 'I love it'.  Don't think about it, just feel it.  If I am stuck inside, I go to my image folder.  In the folder, I have lots of beautiful pictures.  I have collected them over time, choosing them simply because I loved them.  (The latest one was a picture of a penguin with a toy penguin!)  

I choose one - and then stare at it for a while - then I write.  The words don't have to make any sense right now, but something will start to make sense as you write.  Sometimes, if I am really really lucky, the 'idea' for what I am writing will pop into my head. 

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go for a lovely walk, through city streets, and down into a remnant rainforest park in a valley.  On the way, I saw a little boy on a bike.  He had a helmut on.  He also had a cap gun!  Was he waiting for his 'cowboy' friends?  Did they meet in the park every Sunday?  What did they do next?  

There has to be a story in that!

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